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SUFOMA has formulated the "Safety Production Month" activity plan around the theme of "Life First, Safety Development", and carried out a series of activities in conjunction with the annual safety work.

SUFOMA has established the Leading Group of "Safety Production Month" activities and convened special meetings to organize mobilization and work arrangements, using OA network, electronic screens, propaganda boards to carry out extensive publicity.

In view of the identification and prevention of hazards, the workshop team leaders and important safety workers are trained in an interactive way by combining the pictures and videos of various accident scenes; the lifting safety operation competition is held in view of the company's safety production characteristics; and the special emergency plan rescue for fire safety accidents in paint rooms is organized and carried out. Emergency drill. Starting from the actual combat, the drill set up different scenarios of fire caused by dangerous chemicals, electrical, fire operations, and so on. According to the corresponding scenarios, each workshop formulated emergency procedures and organized drills on the spot, which improved the emergency handling capacity.

Combining with the review of standardization of production safety, we organize and carry out comprehensive inspection of production safety and self-correction activities of "hidden dangers detection, violation correction, effective and strict management", and strengthen supervision and inspection of hidden dangers rectification. On the 29 day of June, the results of the third-party assessment were in line with the requirements.

The implementation of "Safety Production Month" activities has enhanced the safety awareness of the whole staff, eliminated many hidden dangers in safety production, promoted the construction of accident prevention and safety work system, and promoted the improvement of the level of safety production management.

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