PB production line

  Ordinary particleboard is used. usually wood, branch material, wood processing residues, non-wood crop residue as raw material, after shaving preparation, drying, the shop is forming hot-pressing section and made of a kind of man-made board. Products can be used for furniture, interior architecture, packaging, vehicles and ships, and the secondary processing can produce veneer chipboard, etc
  Suzhou Sufoma machinery co., LTD., 110-400 daily cubic meters particleboard production line, is based on the absorption and technical experience in China and development of complete sets of equipment with the company technical characteristics, equipment after nearly 30 years of continuous improvement, has formed the mechanical shop is dry, dry air flow shop and the rotor, channels, a variety of forms such as mature production line equipment, press form a continuous press, single-layer, multi-layer and wide coverage, 6 feet 4 feet, 9 feet, eight feet all series products.

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  • Technological process
  • Basic parameter
  • Mainly single machine
  • Other notes

Single dryer three-channel dryer and single channel dryer, breakthrough the limitation of the rotor drier production, solve the bottle diameter of the biggest problems in particle board production

Use the advanced spray adhesive technology, make shavings sizing more evenly, rubber automatic proportioning according to different production requirements, according to the formula to complete automatic with glue (glue)

USES the advanced machinery, air surfacing technology, fine surface, higher precision (shop precision can reach within + / - 3.5%)C, on the basis of process test, the multilayer press hydraulic system scheme to optimize the performance of motor - pump, in order to get the reasonable configuration scheme, make the hydraulic system to achieve the optimal configuration

Fully considering the hanging plate post-processing section in time, also saw adopts high speed cutting, ensure the quality of the finished plate edge appearance

Electrical control adopts bus communication method, through the software process parameters to the process of production and operation status, fault condition, operation, monitoring and record set, a big increase in automatic closed loop regulating circuit, reduce manual intervention, to ensure the stable process operation.

A、  technical processPreparation section - drying section - grinding section – glue mixing section – forming section- sanding section


B、  flow chart


 4Introduction of technical process

Ordinary particieboard is used.usually wood, branch material, wood processing residues, non-wood crop residue as raw material, after shaving preparation, drying, the shop is forming hot-pressing section and made of a kind of man-made board.

  1.Chip preparation section 


The flake board production line after shavings, screening the raw material to the wood transition storage bin. Wood of the conveyor to the flaking machine shaving preparation, after the preparation of the shavings by conveyor to the wet wood shavings bin in interim storage.

  2Drying section



Wet shaving the conveyor to the rotor type shavings dryer for drying, after drying of wood shavings by sorting (filter) qualified the core layer and dried by the conveyor was sent to the core layer shavings bin interim storage.Excessive shavings were taken to the surface after grinding machine grinding dry shavings bin interim storage.

  3Glue mixing section


Qualified table core layer dry wood wool after transport, shavings bin respectively metering to mix glue machine, also revised section will process required for JiaoGong adhesive solution to mix glue machine, shavings and adhesive liquid core layer in the table glue machine fully mixing, mixing fully sizing effect.

  4Forming section



After sizing of the shavings by belt conveyor to the mechanical classification shop is installed, by mechanical grading unit shop shop is a uniform flat slab.Slab by permanent magnetic iron remover, preloading machine, vertical sawing machine, sawing speed conveyor, cross-sectional, loading conveyor weighing conveyor, conveyor and storing process to hold the machine installed, such as hanging in a cage, the cage by the installed in the slab to multilayer hot-press hot pressing molding, after multilayer hot-press hot-pressing forming MAO board at the same time by the board the car tray to unloading machine.

  5After treatment section


Hair lay in the unloading machine plate after unloading conveyor sent to the cooling conveyor, by cooling into the conveyor to the cold machine for cooling.Stay cool in the machine (cooling) after MAO board by cooling conveyor to the vertical and horizontal cutting edge cutting machine for cutting edge segmentation, the last chance to lift platform by the dry plate transportation stacking.

  6Sanding section


The cooling of the stacking particleboard was sent to sanding production lines for sanding, sorting, warehousing.

Production program                       

Board type                                                                            PB

Width                                                                                      4     ft

Thickness after sanding                                                  10 – 25     mm

Sanding margin                                                              1.4~2.0     mm

Capacity(Under the following conditions)                       110-400     m3/d

standard                                                             1220 x 2440     mm

thickness                                                                          19     mm

density                                                                            700  kg/m3

working hours per day                                                    22.5     h/d

Product standard      

Production standard                                                 1220 x 2440     mm

thickness                                         1025   mm


unit weight                                    550750  kg/m3



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