MDF production line

  Medium and high density fiberboard (MDF/HDF) based on wood or other plant fiber as raw materials, applying urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive, through hot pressing pressed into density in 450-880 kg/m3, high density board, is the most excellent comprehensive performance in a variety of man-made board a plank.It is tight and smooth surface and uniform structure of the core layer, the surface of the plate and side has a good mechanical processing, processing performance, is an ideal substitute natural plank, its USES the most widespread.
  Suzhou sufoma machinery co., LTD., nissan 230-500 cubic meters, high density fiberboard production line, is based on the absorption and technical experience in China and development of complete sets of equipment with our technology characteristic, its form a complete set of all devices are manufactured by our company, and in the domestic first developed 6 x 9 feet, 6, 4 x 18 feet x20 feet large complete sets of equipment, and work with the parent company can provide 4 feet, 6 feet, eight feet a full set of continuous press production line of products.

  • Equipments trait
  • Technological process
  • Basic parameter
  • Mainly single machine
  • Other notes

A, production line configuration of the largest single screening area of rectangular vibrating screen, significantly higher separation efficiency and quality.

B, production line USES the ratio of wood chip bin, to ensure product quality plays an important role. New rapid pneumatic fireproofing switch valve

C, production line configuration, improve the product line of fire safety;

D, using advanced exhaust mesh belt and the upper and lower belts driven preloading machine respectively, overcome the up and down because of poor exhaust and differential regulation on the quality of the slab, improved the slab preloading effect;

E, multi-layered online use telescopic saw cutting speed slab of belt conveyer transit, avoids the slab in acceleration in the process of separation of tensile and compressive deformation;

F, multi-layer line process layout will waste the slab bin on the machine before, with high-speed telescopic belt conveyor and rapid adjustment of one-way overrunning clutch, recycled slab online and put the waste on the plate, help to realize clean production;

G, multi-layer line optimization design of hydraulic system of the highest surface pressure hot pressing unit, in a significant reduction in the hydraulic system of capacity at the same time, to realize the rapid booster of hot-pressing machine, effectively reduce the solidified layer thickness, cut down the consumption of raw materials, and also is helpful for saving energy and reducing consumption; The oil when the system is working [litres of small, reliable operation;

H, heating process, full position control mode of process curve, to ensure the quality of medium density fiberboard (MDF) fracture density structure and stability have obvious effect;


I, Innovative design of electric control system for the international advanced full computer parameters control form. Used the communication bus structure, through the software process parameters to the process of production and operation status, fault condition, operation, monitoring and record set; Control computer redundancy design, on the computer for all production operations, than in the past simple computer monitoring method in control technology level has improved and reliability; Greatly increase the automatic closed loop regulating circuit, reducing the artificial intervention, to ensure the stability of process operation, small fluctuations.

A、     technical processPreparation section - hot grinder section - drying section – glue section - shaping section - sanding section

B、     flow chart


  1、      Introduction of technical process

Medium density fiberboard (MDF) in wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw materials, preparation and filter section (with wood, fiber preparation section, adjustable for JiaoGong section, drying section, molding and post-processing section, sanding section) processed into in 450-880 kg/cm3 density board.

             1Chip preparation section  


  Raw material after cutting into a certain specification of chipper wood to the storage bin, filtered the wood of the fine dust, dirt and impurities such as sand and gravel.

  2Fiber Preparation section


Wood through transport equipment into hot grinding machine bunker, and then through the spiral feeder evenly into the preheating digester, the wood cooking softening, make the fiber easier separation, after boiling chips into fiber under the effect of heat and mechanical separation.

  3、Glue section

We use the glue before drying process. Molten paraffin wax or other waterproofing agent directly into hot mill, under two mill of extrusion and knead, paraffin wax evenly mixed with fiber together. Adhesive under certain pressure via pipeline to hot mill fiber and fiber in the discharge tube well blended.


   4Drying section


Had plastic fiber with hot mill by the discharge pipe of the steam injection into the drying tube, and then by the high temperature of hot air to positive pressure pneumatic conveying way to dry wet fiber along the pipeline to cyclone wind, in the transport process under the action of hot air, the fiber moisture evaporation, then dry fiber and contain water vapor in the air after the separation in the cyclone separator, bin is stored into the dry fiber.

  5Shaping section  



Dried fiber by air conveying system into vacuum machine shop is installed, propelled by feeding roller and pavement head away, even fall in molding net, net belt of adjustable suction chamber shape slab density is uniform. Fluffy slab after preloading machine preloading is close-grained, the longitudinal and transverse slab saws made in conformity with the specifications of the length of the slab, and then the cut edge conveyor, belt conveyor, storage conveyor, telescopic conveyor after continuous transport sent to the filling machine, filling machine after loading the slab, step by step loading plate inside of the car will enter cantilever belt along with the slab hot press, conveyor belt in the process of sent to the front of the shovel head pressure will have good fiberboard out at the same time, when the car to the finish, fiberboard has fully into the discharge machine, and the slab is in position, at this point the car back, belt running forward at the same time, the linear velocity equals the speed of the car back in the conveyor belt, the slab in a relatively static, which is left in the hot platen. Slab under the action of hot press temperature and pressure, compressed into the thickness of the regulations, and make the internal curing adhesive, thus make the board that has a certain strength. After pressing the trigger will its board to unload bracket, the hoisting cage falling one by one by a board piece, discharged to the next working procedure. Board after hot pressing plate after cooling plate turnover natural cooling by vertical and horizontal sawing machine, horizontal sawing machine saw while after stacking.

  7Sanding section


Board in sand creation first stacking storage for a period of time, make the moisture content of gum and further solidified plate and relative water content of the atmosphere into balance, stability and increase of the plate to plate strength. Board by forklift, into the feed roller by sanding machine classification, storage, packaging, warehousing, after sanding.

Production program                         

·      Board type                                                                         MDF

·      Width                                                                                      4     ft

·      Thickness after sanding                                              8– 30/4-20     mm

·      Sanding margin                                                              1.6~2.2     mm

·      Capacity(Under the following conditions)                     100-1000     m3/d

-     standard                                                         1220 x 2440     mm

-     thickness                                                                      15     mm

-     density                                                                       750  kg/m3

-     working hours per day                                                22.5     h/d

Product standard  

·      Production standard                                        1220 x 2440/4880     mm

·      thickness                                8– 30/4-20    mm


·      unit weight                                600880   kg/m3



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