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Company Culture

Over the years, the company in implementing the strategy of enterprise development, to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture as the important task in a prominent position, insist on focusing on improving staff quality, to create a civilized harmonious enterprise as the goal, strive to in shaping good corporate image, product image and the worker.Enterprise won consecutive civilized unit in jiangsu province, construction of spiritual civilization advanced unit in jiangsu province, suzhou city civilization unit title, won the central enterprise factory advanced unit, factory in jiangsu province advanced unit, harmonious labor relations model enterprise of jiangsu province, suzhou harmonious labor relations enterprise and so on the title. 

  • 敬业

    Shows that the enterprise staff's ideology. That is to love, unyielding and unremitting pursuit of strong dedication to work; High sense of responsibility and loyal to their duties, conscientious and keep improving; Dedicated, progressive, dedicated life values.

  • 务实

    Shows that the enterprise employee's work behavior. The thought of seeking truth from facts; And the practical work style and work attitude.

  • 创新

    Show the enterprise employees’ spirit of the time. To keep pace with The Times, never satisfied and pioneering spirit of innovation; Innovation, have the courage to explore, continuous innovation ability; The innovation practice to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Specialization into industry

It is to shows that the enterprise realizes the management goal and the pursuit of the path of the performance. Specialization reflects our company product positioning, development direction, competitive advantage, also reflects the attitude, we are engaged in manufacturing process of behavior management thought and goal to pursue.

Comfortable and far-reaching

It is shows that the enterprise insists on scientific development and practical operation. Is that we must to adapt the changing situation, and development in the adaptation; Is committed to the reality, looking to the future, to the scientific outlook on development, adhere to scientific development, harmonious development, stable development and sustainable development.

Person first

Person first is the inner motive power of enterprise development, adhere to the person first guiding ideology is not only necessary to create a harmonious society, harmonious enterprise, also effective play to the key of enterprise staff enthusiasm, creativity and initiative.

Develop together

Between the enterprises and users, the enterprise and employees, also the employees and employees, in order to achieve the goal of the interests of the development, development, to work together, hand in hand advance together. Only to co-prosperity and development together, to mutual benefit and achieve win-win, that we could create a better future.

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