Sanding and CTS line

  Suzhou Sufoma machinery co., LTD., the development of sanding cutting equipment is on the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, summarizes experience of development with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech products, sanding machine and specifications saw integration as a whole new system - sanding cutting production line, the main products for medium density (particieboard) continuous press or multilayer press production line, the successful launch of the product, broke the long-term monopoly European companies in the field, at the same time to fill the domestic blank in this field, for users at home and abroad to provide a more cost-effective choice, has successfully developed 4, 4, 8 x16 x16 feet feet by 8 feet, nine x18 feet and so on the many kinds of specifications, can meet the demand of all kinds of man-made board enterprise, is also the international can combination with sanding machine and specification sawing equipment provider.

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A, sanding, auxiliaries, sawing, along the whole line control system, in the paragraphs equipment technology to connect on A unified, comprehensive consideration. Provide sand saw line integral solution to production management.

B, the whole line is provided by a, after-sales service is convenient, fast.

C, the whole line of accessories brand and unified, strong interchangeability, which can reduce the cost of users matching parts.

D, pushing plate can be also used in sheet and plate, which can realize zero clearance into the plate, high production efficiency.

E, a longitudinal saw caulking cylinder, can prevent the side walk into sawing cavity, effectively protect the saw frame and stable operation.

F, and vertical and horizontal saw dust structure design is reasonable, the dust removal effect is good, ensure clean production.

G, walking beam using small module high strength of gear and rack driving, drive servo control system, ensure the position precision.

H, saw walking with high precision linear guide, combining with the gear and rack, guarantee the stability of the saw head high speed running, edge curf beautiful appearance,

I, saw shaft structure is reasonable, the edge face without obvious saw grain, black, saw blade wear small, long service life. Used in today's advanced automation control mode, SIEMENS S7 PLC adopts the automatic control of the mainstream products series of CPU. Each units and the mutual action between coherence and coordination and compact, the whole production line auxiliary time is short, high efficiency, high cutting precision, safety and reliability. Industrial use convenient, the process parameters of flexible setting and production statistics, at the same time also can real-time monitor and control the running situation of production line, for alarm timely remind operators and give the corresponding row of the wrong instruction, provides the human operation.

Applies          PB/MDF/HDF

Capacity    (500m -1200) m3/day300 days per year3 shift per days7.5 hours per shiftcounting of 4‘X  8’board with the thickness of 12mm

Standard         4-25X1300X5600 mm

                     (4-25X2500X5600 mm

Process standard




Height of stack1200 mm

Precisiondiagonal error):≤2 mm

Max. feed-in height       2500 mm/4000mm

Max. Lay-out height       1200 mm

Max. per-stack height         210 mm

Sanding speed               2090 m/min

Sanding board thickness             4 25 mm

Operation breadth               1300 X4880--5600mm

                         2500 X4880--5600mm


Sanding height         2600 mm

                                                                     Sanding line

                                                                      Dimension saw


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