Metal sanding machine

Coil grinding polishing solutions and series of products

On stainless steel surface processing, the grade of BSG5P, BSG5B, BSG5HL series products are used for stainless steel, aluminum plate surface grinding and polishing processing, processing including BSG5P for No. 3, No. 4, short silk surface BSG5B used in machining surface of SB, BSG5HL used for processing the HL grain surface. Series products all grinding head adopts modular design, can be flexible configuration units according to different size requirements, meet the stainless steel NO. 3, NO. 4, HL, SB style such as surface grinding, dry grinding, wet grinding is optional.

Technical parameters
Width 1300 - 2100mm
Thickness 0.4 - 4mm
Feed-in speed 5 - 30m/min

Medium thickness plate grinding polishing solutions and products

BSG5G broadband sander series used in stainless steel plate of continuous grinding, can both cold rolled and hot rolled surface, it can be finished through multiple unit configuration a N0.3, NO. 4 oil grinding.Product adopts heavy sanding machine structure and independent lifting mechanism can adapt to a variety of specifications, thickness, the whole machine adopts frame type the overall frame, the whole machine durable and has good vibration absorption, cooperate with the effect of emulsion, this machine has the strong grinding ability, and ensure the high precision.

Technical parameters
Width 1600 - 2900mm
Thickness 1 - 25mm
Feed-in speed 5 - 30m/min

With a press ring steel belt grinding and the series of products

BSG5GC series products are specially designed for compressor with ring steel belt, the machine supporting roller adopts hydraulic support and mechanical lifting dual structure, which can realize quick open at the same time, accurate positioning accurately adjust the grinding pressure;Electric feeding roller position adjustment, can be different according to the needs of process adjustment of grinding state;Equipment adopts wet milling process, high grinding efficiency, low fever, surface effect is good, high abrasive belt life.

Technical parameters
Width 1500 - 2900mm
Feed-in speed 5 - 30m/min
Accuracy ±0.02mm

Large plate grinding polishing solutions and products

BSG5GF series of products designed for alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and other large plate grinding polishing and design, equipment using lathe bed table reciprocating movement, high precision operation, artifacts bearing capacity is strong, sanding unit for heavy structure, to adapt to the heavy load, can be in a big margin of cutting at the same time, guarantee the high precision, and to meet the requirements of the process, the surface roughness level up to Ra0.2.

Technical parameters
Width 2600 - 3300mm
length Max. 16m
Thickness 25 - 160mm
Feed-in speed 5 - 30m/min


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