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Competitive power

1、Synergy advantage

Companies relying on strong China forma machinery group company resource advantages and technical support, provide customers with appropriate man-made board project overall solution, at the same time, in the new product new technology research and development, upgrading of existing technology is perfect, and provide one-stop factory total solution with group synergy, to ensure that the products always walk at the forefront of man-made board mechanical equipment field.

2、Technical and talent advantage

Company has a glorious history, man-made board device, is developed with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and so on various subjects experienced design engineers, operations, technicians, engineering and technical personnel and senior technical workers, the number accounts for 55% of the total number of employees, as well as multiple products within the industry standard of the main draftsman, such as sanding machine, complete line of particleboard, three-channel dryer, accompany has won a national science and technology progress prize four, over 10 department, the provincial science and technology progress prize, more than 10 national key new products, the enterprise main products were identified as "high-tech products" by the science of Jiangsu province, among them: sanding machine was identified as "the international advanced level", MDF and PB complete sets of production lines were identified as "the domestic leading level", short cycle cover production line was identified as "the international advanced level", sheet sand saw line 8 feet was identified as "the international advanced level," BCD2400 series fully automatic sanding cutting production line was the letter committee of jiangsu province as the first province (set) major equipment products. Company has patented 52 items, including 2 invention patents. The company has three experts, state council allowance three senior engineers. The company technology center was identified as "jiangsu province enterprise technology center", "Jiangsu province large complete sets of wood CNC machining mechanical engineering technology research center".

3、Process advantage
  • Net value of fixed assets of 121.98 million yuan, has all kinds of large-sized dozens of sets of high precision machining centers, CNC machine tools and precision testing instrument and other advanced equipment. Greatly improve the machining quality and manufacturing capability, all of the CNC numerical control machine tools and machining center adopts CAM computer aided system for real-time monitoring, large-scale ground boring and milling machine and milling machine can process wide up to 9 feet hot platen core components, sawing frame plate, beam, etc.

4、Brand advantage
  • Company for the domestic and foreign man-made board, new building materials, stainless steel processing enterprise provides hundreds of sets of particleboard, MDF production line, more than 2500 sanding machine, more than 300 sets of cover line, saw more than 60 sets of specifications and storage and transportation system, for the society and industry chain enterprises created great social and economic benefits, "Sufoma" brand a household name in the industry, has become China's forest product industry well-known brands.

    Since entering the new century, the company fully increase the intensity of the international market marketing, exports more than 50 cumulative implemented sanding machines, MDF/PB complete sets of production lines, more than 30 sets of pressure line more than 20, 3 sets of sand saw line, products cover many countries and regions.

5、Service advantage
  • Over the years the company set up a complete service system, with senior title of dozens of professional installation team, efficient and high quality service for the users is widely recognized, from help in the early period of the project research, equipment selection, project planning, project installation on-site technical support, the site of the project of personnel training, to the long-term stable operation of equipment, spare no efforts for customer service team strong support and guarantee for the development of high speed.Company for custom development "production management system" and "remote control system" can provide you with the specialist support services, online services and improve the response speed and fault diagnosis and troubleshooting skills.

6、Manage advantage

Companies have been built to cover product whole life cycle management of CRM, PLM, CAPP, ERP, OA, such as information system, the company will provide for the customer from the contract to generate accessories maintenance for customized service, look back to solving customer excellent.

Thank you for a long time the majority of customers of the suzhou sufoma machinery co., LTD., love, understanding and support.Looking forward to the future, in the face of economic globalization, the development trend of sufoma in based on the domestic market at the same time, actively expand the international market, give full play to the resource, the advantage of brand, technology, talent, for the new and old customers to provide energy-saving, environmental protection, high quality products and efficient, high quality service.

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