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Release time:2018-05-30 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On May 28, 2018, the 4-foot sanding and sizing line contract signed by SUFOMA and Shandong Rizhao Xinbo Wood Industry Co., Ltd. came into effect. This project is the 100th set of sanding and sizing line since SUFOMA put into market in 2007. It marks that SUFOMA sanding and sizing products have entered a new stage of development.


For more than 10 years, SUFOMA has devoted itself to the research and development of sanding and sizing line and continuously promoted product upgrading. It has formed a series of products with a width of 4-8 feet and an annual output of 15-45 million cubic meters, which can meet the production capacity, width and configuration requirements of all continuous presses at home and abroad. SUFOMA's sanding and sizing line has been awarded "Jiangsu Province's first set of major equipment and key components" recognition and demonstration application recognition, won "National Machinery Group Science and Technology Award" and "National Machinery Group Product Quality Award", occupied the vast majority of domestic market share and exported to many countries, has become another SUFOMA's business card.


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