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Recently, SUFOMA's patent of invention " Continuous Plate Feeding Mechanism And Method" has been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. The invention provides a continuous plate feeding device, including: The first hydraulic elevator and the second hydraulic elevator are arranged in turn along the direction of the inlet plate, in which the elevation stroke of the first hydraulic elevator is larger than that of the second hydraulic elevator; the pusher is arranged above the first hydraulic elevator and above the second hydraulic elevator, and the pusher includes the first pusher head and the second pusher head. Among them, the first push plate head is located at the corresponding position of the first hydraulic lifting platform, and the second push plate head is located at the corresponding position of the second hydraulic lifting platform. The aim of the present invention is to provide a continuous plate feeding device with high efficiency, stability and low failure rate. The invention also provides a continuous plate feeding method.

The patent was filed in December 2015, entered the substantive review stage in April 2016, and finally obtained the authorization certificate in January 2018. The main design inventor of the patent is Mr. Ding Zengsheng.


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