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Release time:2017-12-08 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

In order to improve the company's production management level, learn and understand the latest production and operation management concepts and management methods, on November 12, 2017, the company held a one-day lean production and process optimization special training activity, inviting external training experts Mr. Hu Jiahua to our company. Nearly 40 people, including deputy general manager of production, intermediate management personnel of production port, production planner, production dispatcher, purchasing personnel, technicians, warehouse supervisor, participated in this training activity.

In order to improve the pertinence of the training, Mr. Hu visited SUFOMA's production site before class, and talked with relevant personnel to understand the production process, processing equipment and product characteristics. In the course, combined with the production characteristics of SUFOMA and more than 30 questions raised by the trainees, the key points of lean production, the basic principles and implementation techniques of JIT punctual production, the key points, methods and steps of TQM promotion, and the basic concepts, implementation points and implementation steps of 5S management,TPM equipment management content objectives, system elements, problems and countermeasures, etc.are described.Combining with the case in-depth and shallow explanations, the trainees learn advanced production management concepts and advanced production management methods, which will play a role in promoting the company's operational management level.


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