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Company was awarded identification by Jiangsu graduate workstation

Release time:2017-01-23 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

    Recently my company and nanjing forestry university joint declaration "graduate workstation in jiangsu province in 2016". By the local department in charge of department of science and education department of jiangsu province organization expert evaluation selection, online publicity, and approved by the provincial department, provincial department of education, get set up!

    Graduate workstation is introduced by enterprise applying for establishment, finance, and under the guidance of the tutor team of graduate students in colleges and universities to carry out technology research and development institutionsIs a scale enterprise and school cooperation an important platform, but also an important innovation practice base of graduate education in colleges and universities in our province.

    My company on the basis of cooperation with machinery and electronics engineering institute of nanjing forestry university developed a "flow molding shop and density precision control technology research," the subjectAnd successfully passed the review meeting.Later we will also apply for a number of invention patent through the subject mining.

    In the future we will continue to cooperate with colleges and universities graduate student team development subject, help enterprise to overcome technical problems, improve integrated innovation, digestion, absorption and innovation abilityConstantly develop new technology, new technology, new products, improve product performance, quality and efficiency. Graduate student team in enterprise r&d task at the same time, can be carried out in workstation frontier and innovative, theoretical related scientific research.

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