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Case No.1: Guangxi Deli wood industry development co., LTD

Release time:2016-05-19 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-
  Guangxi Deli wood industry development co., LTD located in Guangxi Nanning city in Guangxi from the county, the mangrove town of overseas Chinese district (economic development zone) fu Qiao road, covers an area of 17.3 hectares. F horse group cooperation projects and Sufoma parent company China, adopted at the horse group independent research and development of 8 feet wide continuous roller production line, the capacity for high density fiberboard in 30 cubic design of the project. Sufoma company as a wholly owned subsidiary forma group took on the project of the core press assembly and the main key equipment, molding shop, flying saw, reprocessing, storage and transportation, sand saw line design, manufacture, installation and debugging, project construction cycle 14 months in June 2014 formally put into production and deliver the user's normal use. 




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